Theresa Wingert is a director of commercials,
music videos and short films.

An accomplished printmaker, photographer and
filmmaker, Wingert has built a career as a visual
storyteller. A multi-media artist with a taste for the
sensory experience, she specializes in short-form,
emotionally-driven media projects; steadily fusing
ideas, images, movement and experience. Old
meets new, masuline meets feminine, her work is
intuitively crafted with warmth and immediacy.

As a film director, she is a loyal believer
in the power of poetry and the visual image, and
engages her entire being into projects large and
small. You will find her working methodically in
quiet pursuit of visceral connection and moments
full of soul.


Born in Seattle
Always a fine artist
BFA in printmaking
Creating works on paper
Intaglio and monoprints from metal plates
Built studio
Work resides in corporate and private collections
World travel on assignment
Creative Director and Photographer
Capturing moments with still cameras
Exotic location inspiration
Adventure insight fuel informs fine art themes
Irresistible desire to explore moving images
Begins directing
Motion-picture visual stories
Commercial clients
Launches a branding film-production company
Mineral Inc.
Offices in Seattle, San Francisco and New York City
Developing and directing projects
Interactive short films to broadcast commercials to miscellaneous content Opens a Los Angeles office
California ocean air
Directs for big brand clients
Expands into narrative storytelling
Directs a series of short films
Creativity continuous
Branded content films and music videos
Wins awards, etc.
More international exploration
Nairobi, Kenya to Marfa, Texas
Sharpening the senses
Bank commercial in Singapore
Car commercial in the Canary Islands
Photography project in Argentina
Keeping arms around the art world
Boardmember of performance art organization On The Boards
Keeps working in the printmaking studio
Fine art pursuits and gallery shows
Directs more web films and content
Directs more commercials
Shooting in coal mines and fly-fishing creeks
Explores crumbling abandoned buildings
Sunrises with fishermen on lobster boats
Shooting photographs in the icy winter desert
Collects vintage camera lenses
Starts a company called “Fiona” in New York City
Starts a site-specific luxury camp on a Pacific Northwest Island
Resides on a boat near the beach in sunny Los Angeles
Photography trips to Bangkok and Morocco
Learning to preserve lemons and perfect a fragrant rice bowl recipe Encouraged by her 96-year-old grandmother, a woman sharp and strong
Wingert intends to keep moving forward
Staying inspired
Without slowing down

Theresa Wingert